OUR Mission

Our Mission is to co-create a vibrant, diverse and multi-generational cohousing community that cultivates regenerative relationships with one another and with nature.

Our vision is a welcoming and diverse community where we grow and support each other as neighbors.


We break bread together, celebrate through all of life’s stages, respect personal privacy, encourage collaborative projects, and support the bonds that make community.


A space for celebration, a sanctuary for healing and growth and educational resources will be some of our many offerings to the greater surrounding community.


There will be many ways that people can participate in the community ranging from attending and hosting workshops to renting (potentially as a pathway to ownership) to being co-owners.


Bringing together different ages, races, ethnicities, classes, neurodiversities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions

Investing time and attention into our space and each other

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our environmental and social ecosystems

Allowing for flexibility so that the community stays sustainable and in equilibrium

Bringing our whole selves to the table

Shared resources, meals, childcare and more!

Seeking ways to uplift one another and celebrate life

Open Communication & Transparency
Participatory, shared leadership

Healthy Relationships
A culture of conflict resolution and meaningful support

Somatic embodiment, dance, art, culture, bicycle parades and more

Culture of YES!
We are a do-ocracy. If it's safe enough to try (and reversible), then try it!


We seek restorative relationships with our ecosystems – from a land and resources perspective, as well as social inclusivity of the surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Generation of renewable energy on site, use of sustainable building materials, preservation and cultivation of habitat for local species and organic food production are envisioned aspects of the community’s physical attributes.

We are seeking a location that will be walkable and bikeable and layout to minimize interaction with cars and promote in-person interactions.