We are a group of friends who are excited about creating a community for all stages of life. Some of us are getting ready to start a family and others would love for our parents to be able to age in place. Many of us have experienced intentional living and feel passionate about co-creating our own community.


The founder of 10Power, working on renewable energy and clean water projects in global communities that do not have equal access to electricity. She loves making music, telling jokes and riding bikes. Sandra believes in collective liberation through cooperation.


An environmentalist, bicycle enthusiast and engineer of human-powered machines, Leif enjoys observing problems, then imagining, testing, and creating solutions. Problems like: how are we going to consume all this delicious food? What if we have a dinner party and invite the neighbors!


An epicurean at heart, Mike enjoys good food, conversation, and company. He is also passionate about the healing power of dance, music and theatre. He has been active in improving the wellbeing of BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Currently works in the software industry.


Is vibrantly upbeat, present and involved living her values as a co-owner of two cooperatives, in housing justice and in construction. Her love of family, friends and community runs deep. Look for the brightly smiling blue eyed, curly haired woman on the dance floor. We genuinely can’t think of a person that doesn’t like Shira.


A gregarious entertainer with a heart of gold, Mark will try to use his powers to help those around him -- don’t let his northeast sense of humor fool you! Avid dancer, former local television producer and martial artist, wine server, and current explorer of inner strength and happiness.


Tim's nonlinear adventures include roles in government, media, academia, non-profits, corporations and starting several companies. He is passionate about dinner parties, different cultures, social impact and technology, advising and angel investing in 25+ startups reimagining and reinventing our society and economy.