We are a group of friends who are excited about creating a community for all stages of life. Some of us are getting ready to start a family and others would love for our parents to be able to age in place. Many of us have experienced intentional living and feel passionate about co-creating our own community.


Mother of baby Koru. Sandra is the founder of 10Power, working on renewable energy and clean water projects in global communities that do not have equal access to electricity. She loves making music, telling jokes and riding bikes. Sandra believes in collective liberation through cooperation.


An epicurean at heart, Mike enjoys good food, conversation, and company. He is also passionate about the healing power of dance, music and theatre. He has been active in improving the wellbeing of BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Currently works in the software industry.


Leif is an environmentalist, bicycle enthusiast and engineer of human-powered machines. He has held the vision of creating cohousing since he was a teen and brings his experience and family history of development, construction, architecture, and city planning. 


Is vibrantly upbeat, present, and involved living her values as a co-owner of two cooperatives, in housing justice and construction. Her love of family, friends, and community runs deep. Look for the brightly smiling blue-eyed, curly haired woman on the dance floor. We can’t think of a person that doesn’t like Shira.


Tim's nonlinear adventures include roles in government, media, academia, non-profits, corporations and starting several companies. He is passionate about dinner parties, different cultures, social impact and technology, advising and angel investing in 40+ startups reimagining our climate, society and economy.


An aspiring writer working in the biopharma industry. 
A dude into other dudes who likes film, scifi, philosophy, science, the outdoors, and practicing Buddhism. Randolph dreams of sharing food, fun, support, and hot tub sessions with friends in an intentional community.


Horst is light-hearted, adventurous, and lives to be out experiencing culture, art &events.   He's been interested in cohousing since visiting cohousing in Denmark in the 1980s and helped develop and construct Berkeley cohousing in the 90s. He's a retired general contractor and carpenter.


Kim is a woman of many shoes, including cleats for ultimate frisbee, gardening clogs, hiking boots, bike running, and climbing shoes. She is passionate about growing food and bringing nature connection opportunities to youth and adults, and works on modernizing government software systems in her day job.


Dave has spent most of his life working in economic justice in immigrant communities. He's most at home near water or in the mountains, ideally with his partner Kim and son Dylan. Dave is always up for a good story, strategy board game, hopefully paired with good food and/or drink.


Lyndsey is a Geologist from Colorado who fell in love with the bay area in 2014. 

She is passionate about caring for the earth, baking and building and living in community.


Arie is a rising filmmaker, recovering corporate employee, and a mediocre yogi. She makes photographs, films, and runs a production company that embraces the expansion of how underrepresented communities are depicted in media.
She loves traveling, being outdoors, dancing, and learning Spanish.