It takes many hands to build an amazing community - a powerful multiplier for the quality of your life and meaningful, lifelong relationships.

Tree Swing Cohousing is growing our group and searching for an amazing site for our community. Join now and help shape the dream and make it real!

We have a mellow, phased membership model so you can explore if this is a fit and scale up your commitment gradually:


Start by joining with no obligations or cost. Consider whether you would like to be more involved after getting to know us and about cohousing:

  1. Learn about cohousing (watch a short TED video, and we highly recommend reading the first chapter of the free Cohousing Handbook).

  2. Read about our community vision and values.

  3. Fill out a short questionnaire so we can get to know you!

If you are interested to learn more and explore joining, ask about attending one of our quarterly CoHo Socials (we send out periodic updates and invites to our email list.).


Move from learner/observer to active participant to explore more deeply if this is the right community for you:

  1. Attend one or more of our biweekly planning meetups as an observer.

  2. Attend at least one tour of an existing cohousing community to experience a real world example (i.e. tour Pleasant Hill Cohousing).

  3. Chat with one of our Core Group members to answer your questions and check in on vision and values alignment.

  4. If everyone feels it’s a good fit, you will be invited to join us regularly at our biweekly planning meetups (usually 1.5-2 hours). At this stage there is a non-refundable fee of $25 to support group membership activities.

  5. Read the rest of the Cohousing Handbook, which contains accessible, valuable knowledge about why/how to do things and when.

You will have three months (roughly 6 biweekly meetings) to decide if you want to commit as a Core Group member.

Core Group Member

If you are ready to commit to joining forces to build our cohousing community after the Explorer phase, join our Core Group:

  1. Connect with each Core Group member to get to know your potential future neighbors and learn what core membership entails!

If we accept each other, as a Core Group member you will be expected to:

  1. Consistently attend biweekly planning meetups (with flexibility for reasonable life events).

  1. Serve on at least one of the Action Groups (see descriptions below) - this involves ongoing work that may include research, writing, talking with experts and presenting options to the group.

  2. Act as a decision-maker about Tree Swing Cohousing’s development (both the physical building and its culture) with full voting rights, access to all documents and sweat equity

  3. Be willing to participate in a transparent conversation about your finances with other core members (in a safe and supportive environment) for start-up costs and later building costs.

  4. Contribute a larger sum to the common fund to be used for professional consulting services.

*Note: We plan to have a limited number of rental units and explore potential government and other subsidies for folks with less financial means.


  • Guaranteed unit and order of unit selection

  • Help shape the design and material selections of our homes and common spaces

  • Possible to accrue more sweat equity to defray the cost

  • More fun and gnome knowledge :)

  • Contribute to building community in service of a more loving and connected world

These are some of the current and future groups to make our community a reality:

Community Building & Membership
Coordinate awareness building in our local region, engage with interested members, organize monthly meetings and social events.

Land Search
Research promising land sites, connect with knowledgeable realtors, coordinate members exploring potential neighborhoods and update the group on prospective properties.

Design & Build
Evaluate building options for prospective properties, map potential construction costs, identify and evaluate the experts we will need to plan and build our community.

Develop financing scenarios, work to secure loan options, evaluate developers as project partners as needed and coordinate with the Design & Build group to finalize estimated costs.

Develop the legal framework for ownership (HOA etc), organizing agreement and other guiding documents or processes to formalize our community.